1st Birthday Party Ideas

Thinking how to celebrate 1st baby birthday party?

Things to consider to celebrate birthday party
Spacious venue with facilities like AC, Dining, Car Parking and More…..

Birthday party hall Bangalore

Yes the first thing comes in mind is how to select venue for birthday party and which venue is suitable for event. You should consider that venue should be easy accessible and reachable to all your guest. Transportation shroud be good to reach all your all guest. Look for nearest bus stop, railway station and metro station. Also facilities are more imporant like lift, AC, Stage, Spacious and much more.The best banquet venue is Tamarind Party Hall

Food Menu

Birthday Party Menu

Food is very very important for any event.Its might be Veg or Non Veg Food. You have to select menu according to your guest taste like Indian Food, South Indian, North Indian, Andra Food, Italian, Chinese, Japanees, Continental, Kerala Food, Sea Food…

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Yes cake is also very very important. This cannot be just any cake . There are multiple memories associated with the first year birthday. Find out a cake style that can capture it all memories.

Party Timing and Shopping

Birthday Party Shopping

Birthday party time should be early evening between 7 to 8 pm where best time to celebrate and to cut cake. Some items required for the party so shoppong also important. This also requires planning since its difficult to buy all items at last moment.

Number of Guest and Duration of the Party

Birthday Party Guest

Number of people that would be attending to party must be know well advance. Reach out to them for confirmation before event. Your options for food and other items will depend on it.

People will be having fun, but you should nee to know how long the entire party will last, so that it is good for other actities.

Separate food for Kids
Food choices makes party by a large degree. The choices of food items are important for kids. Therefore, make sure you have separate sections for kids, which allows everyone to enjoy.Not all food items would be safe for children. Come up with separate menu cards for kids that they can carry around. These can be used to list preferred foods and any allergies if so.

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