Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

5 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

1.Add effects & why not crazy ones

Crazy Pre Wedding Photoshoot

If you are all for using Photoshop or creating artistic effects, then don’t waste these on a setting. Get creatively crazy and before you know it, everyone involved will be having fun.

2.Showcase your passion

Showcase your passion

If you love travelling, sit on suitcases or use old boarding passes. Just express your passion as much as you want to express your love. Whether you two are poles apart or share a passion together, you know that the things you feel strongly about have contributed to making you the person that you are.

3.Make Comfort of your home

Make Comfort of your homen

Why not shoot your wedding story where it all started? In the comfort of your home, probably dressed down in sweats or funky shorts, surrounded by walls you decorated rather than by waterfalls that are artificially created.

4.Make it Filmy

Make it Filmy

Try to make photoshoot in filmy style.So irrespective of whether your love story was dramatic or dreamy, your photoshoot would definitely be divine!

5.Include your friends

Include your friends

So make your pre-wedding photoshoot a lot more fun by including your friends in it! When you crack a genuine smile over private jokes, you know even photoshop can not add a brighter smile!

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